NHS Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is NHS, and what's the big deal?
National Honor Society is a national organization that stands for excellence in academics and character.  Universities across the country recognize and respect NHS's prestige, as do many community members and/or employers.

Q: How do I become part of NHS?
A:  At HCP, you must maintain at least a weighted 3.5 GPA each semester.  You must also demonstrate consistent character, leadership, and service.  Grades alone are not enough.  If you qualify, the school will identify you in the spring semester of your sophomore year, and you can join if you so choose.

Once you join, you must maintain your grades and complete at least 20 documented hours (points) of service.  You can get these points through volunteering, attending NHS meetings and events, and providing supplies.

Q:  Does it cost anything?
A:  Yes, you pay $20 once, and that covers your sophomore, junior, and senior years, and it includes all pertinent regalia (pins, cords, stoles, etc.)

Q:  How do I get points?
A:  You get a point any time you attend a meeting or volunteer at an event.  Other volunteer work you complete counts as points - and yes, your HCP volunteer hours can count for NHS hours, but you MUST submit them separately on the NHS point log sheet.  At events, you must stay for a minimum of 1 hour; otherwise, you will forfeit all points.  Every hour volunteered = 1 NHS point.  Additionally, you can also get points by donating supplies when needed.  

Please note:  If you fail to submit your point log on time, you will automatically be placed on probation for the following semester, AND you will need to make up all 20 points in one semester.

Q:  I can't remember how many points I have.  How can I find out?
A:  Talk to our Treasurer.  He/she keeps track of all members' points each semester.

Q:  Can I use my normal HCP volunteer hours as NHS points?
A:  Yes.  However, you must document these hours on the specific NHS point log and  turn them in to the Treasurer by the date specified each semester.

Q:  I'm not sure if my grades qualify or not.  How will I know?
A:  The NHS sponsors check all students' eligibility each semester, including those who are not yet a part of NHS.  If you qualify, you will be notified.  However, depending on your grade level, it may be the next semester before you find out.

Q:  What happens if my grades drop or I don't get all my points?
A:  You will receive a letter informing you that you are on either academic or points (or in rare cases, character) probation.  You will then have one semester to correct the issue.  If the situation improves, you will be off probation; if it does not, you will be removed from NHS without the possibility of renewal.

Q: What if I have to miss a meeting or event?

A:  In the two years you’re part of NHS, you get three strikes total.  If you miss a meeting, it counts as a strike.  If you miss a mandatory event (Initiation) or you don’t show up for an event you signed up for ahead of time, it counts as two strikes.  You will be removed from NHS after three strikes.  We value responsibility and character, and poor planning demonstrates a lack of both.

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