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Good Sports Grant
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Thursday, September 02, 2010 10:53:27 AM
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Good Sports Grant

Today HCP Girl's Basketball submitted their grant to Good Sports. Check out the website. They are a great foundation doing wonderful things for youth athletics all over the country. Here are the questions and responses that were submitted:

In order to allow us to understand your equipment priorities, please explain out of the above mentioned items what you consider your major equipment, apparel, and footwear needs (i.e. will not be coming from another source) for the upcoming season?

                The girls’ basketball program’s equipment priorities include basketballs, team bags and a few smaller items. These things are not included in the normal fundraising structure, but are all needed to take the program to the next level. The smaller items Harding Charter Preparatory is requesting include a first aid kit, ball pump, mesh ball carrier, water bottles, etc... These smaller items lift stress, financial obligation and responsibility from the players and allow them to concentrate on school and basketball.


If granted, how would the equipment you request be used? What goals or initiatives will it support? How will this donation be used to increase participation?

                The requested basketballs would be used on a daily basis in practice. The five usable balls limit individualized attention and practice structure. Most of the players need one-on-one player development, but are unable to obtain it because of the limited number of balls. The requested basketballs would not need to be replaced for many years and would give more than just repetitions to the girls.  The basketballs would also provide the girls with a sense of pride, that when they roll out the ball rack there is actually more than one row of balls available for them to practice with.

                The requested duffle bags would allow the girls to carry all of their things to and from away and home games. This season we only have a total of six home games, which means we will be doing a great deal of traveling. The need for duffle bags is high. These bags will be checked out at the beginning of the season and checked back in at the end of the season. Their use would be expected to last approximately five seasons.


Please briefly explain the history of your organization and the specific program for which you have applied.

Harding Charter Preparatory High School was founded in 2003 and the growth has been remarkable. Harding Prep is an inner-city college preparatory high school that providing an Advanced Placement education to every child who attends. Harding Charter Preparatory is a public high school that receives limited public funding with private foundations making the difference. The athletic program, as a whole, is beginning to take off and become a quality contender in one of the hardest Oklahoma classifications in the state, 4A.  

                The girls’ basketball team is no exception to the trend. Since the beginning of the program the girls have experienced a new coach every season. This past year their most seasoned coach, of two years, also resigned. My goal, as the new head coach, is not to win a state championship, but to create a good program. I realize that we are not going to win a gold ball this season, maybe not even next, but what I refuse to believe is that because of a lack of funding it is impossible to create a program known for quality athletes, well rounded students and completely developed characters that make a lasting impression on future students and the current student body.


What impact would this equipment donation make for your program? Please be specific.

                The impact that the requested equipment would have on the program and school would be immeasurable. While most of the kids that attend Harding Charter Prep High School do come from a lower income, they should not have to be embarrassed or ashamed of their athletic equipment or lack thereof. The impact of acquiring the desired basketballs would open up practice to more drills and specialized individual attention for the players. Acquiring the travel bags would create a polished uniform look that the girls would be proud to share.

                The inner-city girls who participate in basketball need this sport to help them better their education. Some of the girls participate in basketball because they know there are eligibility standards that have to be upheld in order to play. Without the equipment to continue playing the game, the team cannot function. Without a functioning team these girls lose the commitment to school and success in life. This grant is vital to the proper growth and development of the Harding Charter Preparatory Girls’ Basketball Team.


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